“Natural is life, natural is beautiful, natural is belief”

                                                                             YVON   YANG

YVON YANG brings you to discover a world who specializes in handcraft natural heels label.

Yvon Yang Design Collective draws inspiration from Natural Art and  Love Culture Art to create this unique Yvon Yang style. Each pair of YVON YANG shoes is a reinterpretation of an natural object or seen an exploration of the possibilities offered by love, colours and materials.


Using the refined materials and craftsmanship, combined with natural jute, natural bamboo, denim and ethical leather, all of Heels,Mule,slides, wedges and platform are perfect with unique wood texture, ingenuities  to maximize comfort and performance, passionate approach to the natural shoe silhouette.


It is the brainchild of the brother Yvon Yang and sister Yuna Yang, Yvon and Yuna began making shoes at child age, a family with generations of manufacturing and craftsmanship experience, her mother and father taught them create shoe last, pattern construction, stitching and finishing, their skills have grown organically, now all shoes handmade in their family shoe factory, quality and an ethical approach to manufacturing. YVON YANG is also devoted to develop Made-To-Order design, unlimited shoe projects having a great passionate team. Focusing on all details, leathers, hardware, shoe last, handmade, green eco manufacturing process, besides handmade craftsmanship shoes, we also research new ethical materials, new ethical shoes.


Yvon Yang's Made To Order is an exceptional opportunity for individual expression to meet every need. Every pair of Made To Order shoes according to your specific colorways,finest materials, eye-catching wooden heel and a personal logo.


YVON YANG shoes design to fit seamlessly into every complete wardrobe, capturing nature and love art for successful women to make them more excellence, elegance, ethical with liberating style of relaxation and adornment.

Black sling-back sandal with an invisible buckle fastening.


These one piece of scallop-edged design vamp leather mules are crafted from pebble leather and feature wooden block heel,almond toe.


These one piece of bulk vamp leather with buckle fastening sandal are crafted from pepple leather and feature wooden wed